10 Effective Time Management Strategies for Successful Assignment Writing

Key Points:

Are you wondering what some effective time management strategies are? Here is your answer:

  1. Map out the hours of your days.
  2. Eisenhower Matrix can help you set your priorities straight.
  3. Focus on doing one thing at a time.
  4. Giving yourself treats will keep you motivated.
  5. Use different apps to block distractions.
  6. Set clear and small, achievable goals.
  7. Focus on finishing the difficult tasks first.
  8. Follow the time limits when doing your work.
  9. Multi-tasking is a big no.
  10. Maintain an organised workspace.

The article below discusses these tips in great detail. Read on to learn more.

If you want to meet your deadlines for assignments consistently, you have to improve your time management skills. Honing this skill has multiple benefits, as it helps you increase your academic productivity, enhance the workflow and reduce your stress levels. Time management strategies actually make it easier for students to finish their academic tasks on time.

However, as you see, it takes time to develop and make steady progress. You will not be able to do well in your academic papers if you just stay stuck in the rut. So, it will be better to get assignment help online from professional writers who can craft your papers for you as you practice efficient management of time.

This article explores in detail the time management skills and strategies that students must follow to complete their academic projects on time. Let’s dive deep into the details.

Top 10 Time Management Strategies for Assignment Writing

Here are the top 10 best time management tips and strategies that you should follow to complete your assignments on time and meet all the deadlines:

1. Carry Out a Time Audit

One of the best time management strategies is to do a detailed analysis of the activities where you spend most of your time. It will be best to make a visual map of the weekly hours you spend on planning and accomplishing academic activities.

Assess how much time it takes for you to finish an academic paper, such as an assignment, and set your goals based on whatever outcome you get. It will be better to plan the week ahead and set healthy time limits to prioritise your tasks and finish them on time.

2. Follow the Eisenhower Matrix Method

The Eisenhower Matrix is a popular technique to assist you in distinguishing between the tasks that are important, not that important, urgent and not that urgent. To do this, you will have to make a quadrant and classify these 4 types of tasks in such quadrants. Here is a visual representation from The Blog Relay:

Image Source: The Blog Relay

After that, you can create a task list and mark the items as important or urgent. Doing so makes your time management strategies work effectively and helps you achieve your goals quickly.

3. One Thing at a Time

Research by Springer Link shows that only a sum total of 2.5% of people can multi-task effectively and that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you start doing too many things at once, it is going to impact your rational thinking skills and will end up making you feel unproductive.

One of the best time management strategies is to concentrate deeply on one thing at a time and finish it properly before you proceed to the next project. Also, it is always better to assign specific days for carrying out particular tasks because it will make work management easier for you.

4. Keep Rewarding Yourself

Rewards are not just for pets and kids; you can also reward yourself when you achieve a milestone or goal you set, regardless of how small or big it is. It can be a great source of motivation for you and can serve as one of the most effective time management strategies.

The reward may include taking a break to enjoy your favourite snack, going for a short walk, calling a family member or watching your favourite drama. Keep rewarding yourself for finishing your assignment parts, and you will stay motivated to do more work.

5. Get Rid of All the Distractions

You can also use different apps to block out all the distractions and keep yourself focussed on the assignment writing tasks. it is advisable for students to download helpful web extensions that block social media or download some apps that prevent you from touching your phone. Forest, Freedom and StayFocused are some of the apps you can try. However, if nothing seems to work, you can always buy assignment online from reliable sources and companies.

6. Set Clear Goals

Setting clear and achievable goals is one of the most important time management strategies for college students. You should think of your long-term and short-term goals for personal and academic development. Make sure that your goals are specific, attainable, relevant, timely and measurable.

When you start thinking of your future, it becomes easier to prioritise your goals and actually work on your dreams. You can use a pen and paper to mention your dreams and visualise your priorities as well categorically.

7. Finish the Difficult Tasks First

It goes without saying that distractions happen to all students, whether it is a phone call, a pile of dirty dishes or some favour to your colleague. The next thing you know is that your whole day is gone and now you do not have time to sit down and concentrate on your work. If you struggle with procrastination and related issues, you should try tackling the difficult tasks first and leave the mundane tasks for later. It shall help you meet your goals but also assist you in staying disciplined.

8. Follow Some Reasonable Time Limits

Ever heard of Parkinson’s Law? Well, you can read the definition here from the Asana:

Image Source: Asana

Well, according to this law, your work expands in the time that you allot it for its completion. If you have 24 hours to complete 2 assignments that can take only 5 hours, you will spend your complete day on those 2 assignments. So, to make the best use of time management strategies, you should give yourself a smaller window. It improves the chances of you meeting your deadline earlier and improves your productivity levels as well.

9. Don’t Do Multi-Tasking

Well, one thing that stays on top of the list of time management strategies is that you have to avoid focusing on multiple tasks in a given timeframe. Multi-tasking cuts efficiency and can be dangerous for your productive schedule. You will also be risking several errors in your assignment if you do not concentrate on one academic project at a time. So, to manage your time effectively, you should totally avoid multi-tasking.

10. Keep Yourself Organised

You will have to keep your workspace organised and free of all clutter and focus on your assignments and other academic projects. It is one of the best time management strategies and can be learned and perfected with practice. If you have a work desk, keep it clean and organised. If you are working on a computer, keep all the files and shared drives coordinated so that you can manage the workload effectively. Using a calendar will also be beneficial if you want to follow the reminders and do well in your academic assignments.


Time management is the skill of organising your time intelligently so that you can get the most things done in the best manner. The effective time management strategies that we have mentioned in this article are helpful in achieving better productivity levels, less stress levels and the opportunity to do the things that matter to you. Once you learn this skill, you will be better able to stay disciplined, craft your assignments and do other tasks in an efficient and focussed way.

However, if you are in a time crunch and cannot research the content of your assignments and academic documents well enough, in that case, you should reach out to professional assignment writing services online for help. They have expert writers on their team who can help students shine in their papers and bag an A grade in their work!