How to Become a Certified Associate Cloud Engineer?

Nowadays, in the Digital Era, the shortage of experts in ‘cloud’ technologies is increasingly high. As more and more businesses nowadays shift their operations to the cloud such expertise is quickly becoming the most wanted skill nowadays and it will keep on doing so in the future. The coexistence and popularity of cloud technology in our lives demand a new paradigm and one certification spearheads this, the Associate Cloud Engineer Certification.

What is it?

The Associate Cloud Engineer Certification granted to Google Cloud is proof of one’s skill in instantiating apps, tracking operative functions, and catering to cloud solutions on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It shows the cloud service provider’s talent in design and management and in particular their talent in scaling the cloud solutions to achieve business goals efficiently.

Key Components

·         Understanding GCP Fundamentals: Before heading exactly toward the GCP certification process, it is necessary to know the principles of the Google Cloud platform in the first place. The fundamentals encompass a lot of explainable things like these which include virtual machines, storage options, networking fundamentals, and identity and access management (IAM).

·         Hands-on Experience: Professional knowledge combined with practical experience is yet another factor that can influence the professionalism of a surgeon. Candidates are assessed during the certification exam using a practical approach, where they fail to prove their knowledge in handling the Google Cloud console, installing apps and dealing with common problems.

·         Understanding and offering of the crucial services: GCP has a rich service offerings portfolio with solutions made to meet the business needs in particular. As a newcomer to the rank of Associate cloud engineer, you must be able to crush in a variety of key services like Compute Engine, App Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Storage, and BigQuery.

How Much will it Cost?

Here is a simple breakdown for you about Google Cloud Associate Certification Cost:

  • Exam Fee: The Associate Cloud Engineer Certification exam price in INR usually costs around ₹7,000 to ₹10,000 equivalent to US dollars accommodated by variables of location and exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Training Costs: Although the classes and materials are not compulsory, it is pretty typical that candidates get enrolled in training classes so that they can earn the required certification suitably. Extra expenses may be required for this resource training as will range from Rs. 2000 to 1 lakh Rupees depending on the medium used and the given provider.
  • Retake Fees (if applicable): The yardstick for a re-examination fee of the Associate Cloud Engineer Certification exam in INR is generally quite lower than that of the initial exam fees, which is typically about 50% of the underlying cost.


In summary, the Associate Cloud Engineer Certification readily certifies an individual’s ability to run and manage such mixed cloud solutions on the Google Cloud Platform.

Also, Google Cloud Associate Certification Cost is super budget friendly and Certification undoubtedly empowers the workforce and provides them with the required skills and credentials to push through in a competitive job market. Then, if you are willing to set forth on such a gratifying journey to the universe of cloud computing, the Associate Cloud Engineer Certification can just be the beginning for you to have an adventurous and productive career in the cloud.