How do you attract customers to your exhibition stand?

Taking part in exhibitions is a big risk but rewards are worth everything. It provides a business an opportunity to engage a niche market, create qualified leads, and strengthen brand image. It is an interpersonal marketing avenue for the businesses, which helps in nourishing relationships with existing clients and also developing new customers. 


However, it’s more than knowing how to set up an exhibition stand. Learning how to attract people to your exhibition stand is a marketing tool that brings more business to your exhibition. On the one hand, the business has brand promoting capabilities, while on the second hand, visitors can be transformed into customers. A professional exhibition stand builder can give you a unique trade show booth design that will help you attract customers. If you are wondering “How do you attract customers to your exhibition stand”? We are here to help.


Understand the audience- 

The best thing about an exhibition is the audience, because most of the visitors have common interests. For young companies it serves as an unexpected chance to take part in the competition. They can capture and keep the attention of potential customers with a visual imprint that just requires a beautiful booth design. At the same time, the well-known brands may tax their status by further strengthening their corporate identity.


Create an unique exhibition stand design-


Fact is, your trade show booth design will most likely be the first impression that visitors will get. So, try to make it as interesting and enticing as it can be to create a memorable first impression.Mastering the art of exhibition stand design is surely the best thing you can have. Lastly, opt on hiring an exhibition stand contractor. They will furnish you with a unique design customized to address the specific audience. Additionally, ask them to create a stall theme that matches the content of the exhibition as well.


Create an pre-event hype-


The way to get more visitors to your exhibition stand is by working on preparation and pre-event promotion. Social media and email marketing should be used initially for  promotional campaigns, focusing on the social media accounts for visibility and promotion.

Yet another secret weapon is to harness the exhibition organiser’s promotional strategy to your benefit. The easiest way to do it is to ask them to give your business or brand a place free of charge in their marketing campaigns. A participation post with a simple title can also aid you in getting a bigger touch with a suitable industry or region.


Make use of technology-


Nowadays, companies are breaking boundaries with new and exciting techniques for having exhibitions. Not only is your stand representing you in this event but also you are representing your brand. Therefore, be proactive and develop a cherishable experience to every participant at your stand so that they would give a thought on coming over to your stand. Adding important innovative technologies such as setting up virtual reality experience equipment may create the buzz you want. Ask your exhibition stand contractor to incorporate AR selfie booths, interactive displays which will act as a magnet for your booth.


Be Social-


Nowadays, the social media effect reaches people much quicker than news feed, so you should make sure that it is on during the event. For the best results, use your branded hashtag or create a unique hashtag if you need one to create a brand or product awareness on digital media. This too involves using the social networking sites to promote activities you will be doing at your stand to capture social media content.

Learning how to attract visitors to your exhibition stand is almost like becoming a marketing expert. First of all, determine the audience to then decide on your trade show booth design and branding for the event. Practical demonstrations of products and services can be made by the companies at the exhibition, and this may be complemented with marketing on social media.If you are struggling or you don’t know how to attract people to your exhibition stand, Sensations worldwide can help you. We can tailor a unique exhibition booth design, provide content creation and innovative technology services as well.