How Much Does It Cost To Print One T-Shirt Using Dtg Prints?

At Ninja Stitch, we are aware that choosing a project can be very expensive. The following variables can affect the cost of dtg printing:

  • Kind of clothing

  • Quantity of clothing

  • Complexity of Design

  • print caliber.

  • Quantity of hues

Because of this, DTG printing is a great option for both personal and professional projects where detailed and colorful designs are essential.


Which type of printing is cost-efficient for a T-shirt?

To find the cheapest T-shirt printing method, consider your design’s needs and order size. A closer look at the most common methods:


1. Screen printing:

Because of the economies of scale, this process is quite affordable for big quantities. Although the setup costs for making screens may be costly at first, as the number grows, the cost per unit drops dramatically. Screen printing is a popular for event goods and business wear since it’s perfect when you need a lot of shirts with the same design.


2. Heat Transfer:

Heat transfer is a versatile method that may be used to apply full-color, detailed pictures on t-shirts. For short runs, the initial expenses are less than those of screen printing; nevertheless, the cost per unit may be greater, and the print may fade or fracture after several washings, which could eventually result in higher replacement prices.


3. Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing:

This type of printing is excellent for small-scale projects requiring intricate details or numerous colors. For small numbers, it can be more economical than screen printing because there is essentially no setup cost. The best dtg printing company offers unmatched quality and precision, making it possible to create vivid, detailed graphics that are difficult to do with other techniques. Ninja Stitch, the top DTG printing company, provides this service to meet the needs of clients that want the highest caliber products without having to produce vast quantities of goods.


Every one of these approaches has advantages, and the best option frequently depends on your own requirements. For example,  DTG printing service from Ninja Stitch offers a great mix between cost and quality if the quality and complexity of the design are more important to you than quantity.If you need a lot of shirts for a major event, screen printing may be cheaper.

Reasons to Pick Our DTG Printing Company?

At Ninja Stitch, we take great satisfaction in offering our DTG printing customers outstanding quality and service. This is why we are unique:

  • Accuracy and lucidity: Our cutting-edge DTG printers generate crisp, detailed images that perfectly capture every aspect of your design.

  • Customization: Our DTG printing is capable of effortlessly handling various colors and complicated patterns, regardless of how complex your artwork is.

  • Speed: DTG printing offers quicker order turnaround times because it requires less setup.

  • Sustainability: Compared to conventional techniques, we employ environmentally safe and less wasteful eco-friendly inks.

  • Durability: Our prints resist fading even after several washing, demonstrating their rich color retention.

  • Cost-effective: You only pay for what you need because there is no minimum order requirement, which makes it perfect for small runs or custom projects.

When it comes to DTG printing, use Ninja Stitch to make sure your projects are completed with accuracy, effectiveness, and care—all at a reasonable price that doesn’t harm the environment.

Final Thoughts

Achieving the ideal T-shirt printing solution requires striking a balance between knowing how much does DTG printing costs, design details, and quality. Our specialty at Ninja Stitch is DTG printing, and we can provide you excellent results at a fair price, particularly if your project calls for intricate, colorful designs. We can efficiently and precisely bring your concept to reality, whether you’re wanting to print one T-shirt or many. Keep in mind that investing in high-quality printing pays off over time, which makes DTG printing an excellent option for your personalized T-shirt requirements.