Powder Coating Cost of Common Items

Are you looking for powder coating services but aren’t sure how much it will cost? Are you searching for licensed and qualified operators who have the capability and equipment to deliver your project on time and within budget?

You’re at the right place. At Rusty Lions, we provide high-quality metal finishing services at affordable costs. If you want to know the powder coating cost of common items, read on. 

The cost of your powder coating project depends on several factors. These factors include:

·        Number of Items to be Powder-Coated

·        Size of the Objects

·        Total Surface Area of Component

·        Type of Texture & Finishing Required 

Typically, an applicator will charge based on the materials used, manpower required, and variable burden. Standalone items are mostly calculated on a per-square-foot basis, while batch orders also factor in hourly wages. 

The average powder coating cost of common items is as follows:

  Bicycle frame $70 to $90

Four-wheeler ATV Frame $250

Motorcycle exhaust $75 onwards

Vehicle carburetor $100 to $200

Standard car wheels $50 to $60 each wheel

Chair $50 to $75

Queen size beds $100

King size beds $200

Metal sheet $6 per square foot

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