Streamline Your Vehicle Inspections With Digital Software


Do you understand how much modern life revolves around advanced technology? Apparently, vehicle repair businesses are also joining the fray! 

Digital vehicle inspection software is being used to streamline operations and drive larger growth.

These days, autos are also rather high-tech. There are digital components within, such as the infotainment system (which houses all the entertaining features in the car) and the odometer (which indicates the distance the vehicle has traveled). Here’s the thing: automobile maintenance and inspection are also moving toward digitalization!

They are almost a need for any car repair shop owner.

Let’s dive in and find out!

The Significance of Digital Vehicle Inspection

When technicians inspect cars, they can now take pictures and videos to keep a record of the work being done and share proof of the repairs with customers. This way, car shops can show customers clear images of the necessary work while they relax at home, perhaps watching TV. In the old days, vehicle inspections meant using a pen and paper. A technician would go through each part, mark it as either ‘fine’ or ‘poor’ on a piece of paper attached to a clipboard, and use that to create the customer invoice.

Before this new method, there was no way for auto repair shops to visually show customers the worn-out components. This often made customers feel like they might be charged too much. They had to trust the technician entirely because there was no way for them to know the actual condition of their vehicle. This lack of transparency made it really hard for auto repair shops to build trust with their customers.

How Vehicles Can Benefit from It

Quick and Accurate Inspection

Today’s advanced digital tools help technicians make inspections faster. When paired with the newest automotive management software, they keep a record of all past diagnoses. This is really handy for both existing and forthcoming inspections.

Use of Pictures and Videos

Smartphones help mechanics record voice notes and capture pictures and videos of cars, making it easier to store information for prospective repairs. With today’s advanced vehicles, customers feel more confident in a shop that embraces modern digital equipment.

Getting rid of all the messy paperwork during inspections means service advisors can spend more time helping customers instead of searching through stacks of paper. 

On top of that, shops can save money on paper and do their part to protect the environment!

Get Satisfied Clients With Transparency

Choosing Vehicle inspection and reporting software makes it easier to meet each customer’s needs. If someone is always busy, they’d probably like to know all the repairs their car needs and have it taken care of in just one visit. On the other hand, if someone can’t pay a lot all at once, it’s better for them to know how much everything will cost upfront and delay fixing things that can wait until later.

When people know that an auto repair shop lets them plan and budget for future expenses, it helps them trust the shop more and might make them come back again. With DVI, customers can check on their phones or tablets to see what happened during each checkup on their car. This makes everything more open and trustworthy, so people feel good about taking care of their vehicles.

Get Average Repair Order 

Visualize this: 

A person comes to you with their car because it feels a bit unsafe. Usually, the mechanic would just fix the alignment, right? 

Well, with this DVI (Digital Vehicle Inspection), your mechanics can show them pictures of all the things their car needs fixing. So, let’s say they find a worn-out axle causing the wobble – they can prove it to your customers.

According to a study, without digital vehicle inspection, there’s a 70% chance that people might say no to extra repairs they don’t think they need. If something else breaks later, they might accuse the shop, even though the mechanics suggested fixing it before. 

So, DVI helps make sure everyone’s on the same page about what needs fixing in your car!

How to Perform Digital Vehicle Inspection

Make an Inspection Checklist

The mechanic will make a list of everything they need to check during the inspection. This might involve easy things like looking at the oil, brake fluid, and suspension or more complicated tasks such as checking the engine and making sure the wheels are aligned properly.

Generate a Repair Order

To start fixing a car, we first make a repair order. It’s like creating a particular to-do list just for that vehicle. Mechanics write down important things like the owner’s name, what kind of car it is, and how you can reach them by phone. It’s like giving the car its own unique attention plan!’

Inspection Color Codes

Automotive experts may better understand the condition of an automobile with accurate examinations and records. Rather than recording everything on paper, they can record movies or snap photos. For instance, they may demonstrate it in a video if one of the lights on the back of the car is broken. Additionally, they may snap a photo of anything that appears outdated, including the air filter.

This is the finest part, now! Three colors are used by the app to indicate the car’s condition. They utilize green if everything is going well. If there is a little issue, such as something not functioning properly, they utilize yellow. They also utilize red when something important has to be fixed immediately.

So, it’s like giving the car a color code – green for good, yellow for a little problem, and red for we need to fix this now!

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Wrapping Up!

Digital Vehicle Inspection Software has made a big difference for many shops by making their work easier and saving time. If your shop hasn’t started using it yet, don’t worry; it’s never too late to give it a try and see how it can help you, too!


Technicians can check things faster and send customers repair cost estimates via text or email. They can even show them pictures or videos to help them understand why extensive repairs are needed. It’s like getting speedy updates and proof of why fixing things is essential!