The 7 best skate clothes you can buy

Skateboarding has its own unique style, and the clothing worn by skaters is a big part of that identity. From baggy jeans and graphic tees to skate shoes and accessories, skate clothing reflects the culture, attitude, and functionality required for the sport. Here are seven of the best skate clothing brands that have made a significant impact on skateboarding fashion.

1. Vans

Vans is a legendary skate brand that has been synonymous with skateboarding since the 1970s. Known for its iconic checkerboard pattern and classic skate shoes like the Old Skool and Sk8-Hi, Vans epitomizes skate style. The brand also offers a wide range of clothing, including tees, hoodies, and jackets, all with a skate-inspired aesthetic.

2. Thrasher

Thrasher Magazine’s flame logo has become an emblem of skateboarding culture. The brand’s clothing line features bold graphics and designs that celebrate the rebellious spirit of skateboarding. Thrasher hoodies, tees, and hats are staples in the wardrobes of skaters worldwide.

3. Supreme

Supreme is a streetwear brand that has become highly sought after in the skateboarding community. Known for its limited-edition drops and collaborations with artists and designers, Supreme offers a range of skate-inspired clothing, including tees, hoodies, and accessories, that are both stylish and functional.

4. Independent Truck Co.

Independent Truck Co. is a skateboarding company that produces high-quality trucks and skate clothing. Their clothing line features classic skate designs, including logo tees, hoodies, and jackets, that are durable and comfortable for skateboarding.

5. Santa Cruz Skateboards

Santa Cruz Skateboards is a skateboarding brand that has been producing decks, wheels, and apparel since the 1970s. Their clothing line includes tees, hoodies, and hats featuring their iconic screaming hand logo and other classic designs that pay homage to their skateboarding roots.

6. Nike SB

Nike SB is Nike’s skateboarding division, known for its innovative skate shoes and clothing. Nike SB’s clothing line features technical fabrics and designs that are specifically tailored for skateboarding, offering both style and performance for skaters.

7. Volcom

Volcom is a skateboarding and lifestyle brand that offers a wide range of clothing, including tees, hoodies, and pants, designed for skateboarding and outdoor activities. Volcom’s clothing features durable fabrics and functional designs that cater to the needs of skaters.


Skateboarding fashion is a blend of style and functionality, reflecting the culture and attitude of the sport. Brands like Vans, Thrasher, and Supreme have made a significant impact on skate clothing, offering designs that resonate with skaters worldwide. Whether you’re looking for classic skate tees, durable hoodies, or stylish accessories, these brands have you covered with their skate-inspired collections.