The Iconic Clothing Brands Featured on Yellowstone: Fashion on the Ranch


“Yellowstone,” the popular TV series, has not only captivated audiences with its gripping storyline and complex characters but also with its authentic portrayal of western wear. The show has become a fashion inspiration, showcasing a blend of rugged, traditional, and contemporary styles that reflect the lifestyles of its characters. In this article, we explore the iconic clothing brands on yellowstone that have become synonymous with the world of Yellowstone and how they influence trends both on and off-screen.

The Signature Look of Yellowstone

The Dutton family, central to the Yellowstone saga, embodies a style that is undeniably western yet undeniably chic. From John Dutton’s weathered cowboy hats to Beth Dutton’s bold and sophisticated outfits, each character brings a unique fashion statement to the screen that fans are eager to emulate. The show’s wardrobe choices do more than just dress characters; they help tell each character’s story and reflect their personality and position in the world.

Pendleton: A Staple of Western Style

One of the most recognizable brands featured in Yellowstone is Pendleton Woolen Mills. Known for its rich history and durable woolen products, Pendleton’s flannels, jackets, and blankets frequently adorn the characters, blending seamlessly with the scenic Montana backdrop. Their Chief Joseph blankets, in particular, are often seen, adding a touch of authenticity and heritage to the bunkhouse scenes.

Lucchese: Crafting Cowboy Boots with Elegance

When it comes to footwear, Lucchese boots are a staple on the Yellowstone ranch. These boots, known for their handcrafted quality and superior comfort, are worn by several characters, showcasing classic and stylish designs. The attention to detail and the quality of Lucchese boots echo the rugged and resilient spirit of the Dutton family, making them a perfect fit for the show’s aesthetic.

Stetson: The Quintessential Cowboy Hat

No western ensemble is complete without a cowboy hat, and Stetson, the legendary America Suits brand, is frequently featured on Yellowstone. Characters like John and Kayce Dutton sport Stetson hats, which are emblematic of cowboy culture and heritage. These hats are not just fashion items but are integral to the western lifestyle, providing durability and protection from the elements while adding a timeless style.

Wrangler: Denim That Fits the Western Lifestyle

Wrangler jeans are another brand that stands out in the Yellowstone wardrobe. As a brand that has long been associated with the cowboy lifestyle, Wrangler provides both the durability and comfort needed for long days on the ranch. The brand’s rugged denim is perfect for characters who spend much of their time outdoors, embodying the practical yet iconic look of the modern cowboy and cowgirl.

Carhartt: Durability Meets Ranch Life

Carhartt’s workwear is essential for the rough-and-tumble lifestyle of Yellowstone’s ranch hands. Known for its robust and functional apparel, Carhartt jackets and vests are often seen on the series, highlighting the brand’s alignment with hard-working, no-nonsense outdoor apparel. Carhartt symbolizes reliability, a key trait for the demanding daily tasks faced by the Dutton ranch staff.

Filson: Heritage and Performance Combined

Filson is a brand that reflects an enduring love for the outdoors and a commitment to quality and durability. Their jackets and accessories are designed to withstand the elements, making them an excellent choice for Yellowstone’s outdoor scenes. The brand’s ethos of comfort, protection, and style resonates well with the show’s setting and the characters who face the harsh realities of ranch life.

Impact of Yellowstone on Fashion Trends

The fashion showcased in Yellowstone has had a significant impact on contemporary western wear, bringing it into the mainstream and making it more accessible to a broader audience. Viewers are drawn not only to the show’s dramatic landscapes and compelling storytelling but also to its authentic representation of western style. The series has revitalized interest in traditional western garments, making them staples in wardrobes beyond the ranch.


Yellowstone’s influence extends beyond television entertainment; it serves as a catalyst for fashion trends that celebrate the rich heritage of the American West. The brands featured on the show, from Pendleton to Lucchese to Carhartt, contribute to a wardrobe that is as functional as it is stylish, offering a slice of the rugged, untamed spirit that the series portrays. As Yellowstone continues to capture the imaginations of viewers, it also continues to inspire their fashion choices, proving that style on the ranch is as compelling as the drama that unfolds there.


  1. Where can I buy clothing brands featured on Yellowstone?

    • Most of the brands featured on the show like Pendleton, Lucchese, and Wrangler are available through their respective websites, major retailers, and specialty western wear stores.
  2. How can I achieve the Yellowstone style?

    • To emulate the Yellowstone style, focus on acquiring key pieces such as a good quality cowboy hat, durable boots, a woolen rancher coat, and classic denim. Layering is also a significant aspect of achieving the rugged, yet sophisticated western look.
  3. Are the clothing items worn on Yellowstone practical for everyday use?

    • Yes, the brands selected for the show are known for their durability and practicality, making them suitable for both everyday wear and more demanding outdoor activities.
  4. How has Yellowstone influenced modern western fashion?

    • Yellowstone has brought traditional western wear back into the spotlight, integrating it with modern fashion trends and making it appealing to a broader, contemporary audience.
  5. Can the Yellowstone wardrobe be considered sustainable fashion?

    • Many of the brands featured, like Filson and Carhartt, focus on sustainability through durable products that are made to last, reducing the need for frequent replacement and promoting a more sustainable fashion cycle.