Profacgen Updated Its Degradation Assay and Stability Analysis Service Recently

Profacgen, a leading provider of high-quality protein services and solutions, is pleased to announce the recent update of its protein degradation assay and stability analysis service. With a commitment to delivering accurate and reliable results, Profacgen aims to support researchers in their quest for understanding protein degradation and stability, ultimately advancing scientific knowledge and drug development.


Protein degradation and stability play a crucial role in various fields, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and academic research. Understanding the factors that influence protein degradation and stability is essential for ensuring the efficacy and safety of protein-based therapeutics and optimizing protein production processes.


Profacgen’s degradation assay and stability analysis service offers comprehensive solutions for assessing protein degradation and stability under various conditions. By utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, Profacgen’s team of experienced scientists can provide valuable insights into the factors affecting protein stability, including temperature, pH, oxidation, and proteolytic degradation.


Now the company provides multiple technical services for protein degradation assay and stability analysis: mass spectrometry (MS), antibody based western blot or ELISA assay, real-time degradation kinetics measurement, enzyme fragment complementation (EFC) technology, and time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer (TR-FRET) technique.


“We are excited to announce the update of our service,” said Crystal, the chief marketing staff at Profacgen. “By leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge technologies, we aim to provide researchers with the most reliable and comprehensive solutions for assessing protein stability and degradation. This will ultimately contribute to the development of safer and more effective protein-based therapeutics.”


Profacgen‘s degradation assay and stability analysis service covers a wide range of protein types, including monoclonal antibodies, enzymes, growth factors, and recombinant proteins. The service can be customized to meet the specific needs of researchers, offering flexibility and tailored solutions for different projects.


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